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Laura Ruggieri | IDI | 2020-12-17

Laura Ruggieri

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IDI never stops. We’re always working to keep the website up-to-date.

We are collaborating with new Country Experts for South and Central America and new reports are already available for Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Guatemala.

In addition to them, we are involving further Experts and more new reports are coming soon.

Moreover, maybe you didn’t know that…

  – the recent judgment of the EU Court of Justice in case C-828/18 – Trendsetteuse SARL v. DCA SARL

  – the new Brazilian Franchising Law, which came into force on 25 March 2020

  – the Danish Competition Act No. 155 of 2018

  – and the Vietnam’s Competition Law of 2018

are available now!

What’s more, IDI members have access to all the content on the IDI website, which provides anyone involved in distribution with many useful tools for their practice, namely:

legislation of more than 140 countries;

– detailed country reports on agency, distribution and franchising of more than 60 countries, drafted by highly-qualified Country Experts;

– two special reports on EU Antitrust Law and on Applicable Law and Jurisdiction and a Q&A on Covid-19 and international contracts;

– specific model contracts, also translated into more than 24 languages;

– about 100 abstracts of international arbitral awards issued by national and international arbitral institutions;

EU rules and EU case law, with about 200 texts of judgements and decisions issued by the EU Court of Justice and the EU Commission;

international conventions;

– over 550 references to articles and books.

In order to see an example of how the IDI website can be put to practical use, you can watch our new explanatory video at:

In addition to all these advantages and much more, IDI members are granted a significant discount to attend the Annual Conference of the Association.

By joining IDI, you will become part of a large community of highly-qualified and specialized lawyers and in-house counsel and you will have the opportunity to cultivate relationships for a useful exchange of information and experience.


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