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FRANCE: Resale price maintenance and ban on online sales: the French Competition Authority fines eyewear brands and manufacturers.

FRANCE, 15 November 2021
Following raids at the premises of several undertakings active in the sunglasses/eyewear sector, the French Competition Authority started proceedings challenging a vertical agreement aiming, on the one hand, at limiting the pricing freedom of distributors and, on the other hand, at prohibiting those distributors from selling the products online.

NORWAY: The definition of a commercial agent - part II.

NORWAY, 15 November 2021
In a previous article we presented the ongoing Norep-case, wherein the Norwegian Appeal Court ruled that Norep AS (Norep) was not entitled to indemnity in accordance with the Agency Act as it found that Norep did not qualify as an agent based on the definition of “agent” in the act.

NETHERLANDS: ACM imposes fine of almost 40 million euros on Samsung for influencing (resale) prices.

NETHERLANDS, 15 November 2021
On 14 September 2021 the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets ( ACM) imposed a fine of almost 40 million euros on Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V. ( Samsung ).

TURKEY: Lack of franchisee’s independence against the franchisor shall lead the franchise agreement to be called as invalid.

TURKEY, 15 November 2021
The Turkish Supreme Court’s decision of 25.02.2021 (11th Circuit, E. 2019/1158 K. 2021/1715) states that lack of franchisee’s independence against the franchisor shall lead the franchise agreement to be called as invalid.