Expedited Arbitration Procedure

The International Distribution Institute (IDI) has established an expedited and cost-effective arbitration procedure, managed by the Swiss Arbitration Centre (https://www.swissarbitration.org/centre/) under the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration (“Swiss Rules”) (https://www.swissarbitration.org/), specially adapted for disputes in the field of distribution.
The purpose of this initiative is to establish an expedited and cost-effective dispute resolution system, which may encourage companies to submit distribution disputes (e.g. agency and distributorship contracts, franchising, etc.) in order to have their case resolved by an arbitrator with specific experience in distribution (who can be chosen within the IDArb list of arbitrators) and within a short period of time (six months).
IDArb is proposing an arbitration clause (the “IDArb Expedited Arbitration Clause”) based on the standard clause under the Swiss Rules, together with a set of recommendations (“IDArb Recommendations”) to the parties and to the arbitrator aimed at facilitating the expedited resolution of distribution disputes. The clause is intended primarily for disputes which do not exceed CHF 1.000.000, but may also be appropriate for higher amounts.

The IDArb Expedited Arbitration Clause
Recommendations for IDArb Expedited Arbitration