IDArb | IDI Arbitration Project

IDArb has been created in 2016 with the aim of facilitating arbitration for disputes in the field of international distribution (intended in the wide sense of the term, comprising agency, distributorship, franchising, selective distribution, etc.).
This project has been developed by the International Distribution Institute in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Geneva (Chambre de commerce d’industries et de services de Genève: CCIG – and the Swiss Arbitration Centre ( The main objectives of IDArb are the following:


List of specialized arbitrators

Establishing and managing a list of arbitrators having a specific experience in one or more fields of distribution law.
It is very important for parties having a dispute in this field, to be judged by arbitrators who “know the business” and who can consequently have an in-depth understanding of the disputed issues.
This is particularly important when a sole arbitrator is to be appointed, a situation arising frequently in case of smaller disputes, especially in the field of distribution (e.g. agreements with agents or franchisees).

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Expedited arbitration procedure

Tailoring an expedited and cost-effective arbitration procedure, managed by the Swiss Arbitration Centre under the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration (“Swiss Rules”), specially adapted for small disputes in the field of distribution, for which at present the recourse to international arbitration is considered to be inappropriate.

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Two separate initiatives

These two initiatives are separate and independent from each other: 
1.   A list of arbitrators with specific experience in distribution matters who are available for any type of arbitration (ad hoc or institutional);
2.   A tailor-made expedited procedure recommended for distribution disputes that refers specifically to arbitration under the Swiss Rules.