Specialized Arbitrator

Parties who decide to submit to arbitration a dispute involving issues of international distribution face the problem of identifying arbitrators having specific experience in that field. In fact, submitting the dispute to an arbitrator who “knows the business” and who can place the dispute within its actual commercial framework will often be an additional guarantee for a fair and equitable award.
IDArb helps parties to identify prospective arbitrators with specific experience in the field of distribution agreements (commercial agency, sales representatives, exclusive and selective distribution, franchising, occasional intermediaries, etc.), having an actual understanding of the commercial background of the agreement in dispute.
In selecting the arbitrators to be listed, the Selecting Committee has decided also to accept candidates who do not have extensive experience as arbitrators, since the actual experience in distribution (e.g. as in-house counsel) may in certain cases be more important (e.g. in case of appointment as party arbitrator). For this reason the type of experience in litigation/arbitration is clearly evidenced in the arbitrator’s profile.
Moreover, in order to warrant a more precise understanding of the specific arbitrator’s experience in distribution, the candidates have been asked to specify in their CV a number of distribution cases they have been involved in.

The names of the IDArb arbitrators may be used for any type of arbitration, not only within the Swiss Arbitration Centre, but also for ICC, AAA, or any other arbitral institution.