IDI – The International Distribution Institute

The International Distribution Institute (IDI) is an association founded in 2004 by Prof. Fabio Bortolotti, Prof. Didier Ferrier, Klaus Meyer Swantee, Erwin Gärtner and Silvia Bortolotti, which deals with distribution law around the world.

Members of the IDI Association are lawyers, internal counsels, consultants and businesspeople, who share an interest in cross border distribution of products and services (i.e. commercial agency, exclusive and selective distribution, franchising, occasional intermediaries etc.).

IDI provides information and documents that can be used when creating, organizing and managing distribution networks around the world. Particularly, international model contracts, text of laws, detailed country reports, national and European case-law are available in the website.

IDI organizes every year an Annual Conference, attended by lawyers and legal counsels coming from all over the world, on current topics in the field of distribution, franchising, commercial agency and related issues. The aim of the yearly conference is to share information and experiences among its members.

The IDI Board

Fabio Bortolotti

President IDI

Silvia Bortolotti

Vice-President/Secretary General IDI

Ignacio Alonso

IDI Board member

Marco Hero

IDI Board member

Federico Rizzo

IDI Board Member

Massimiliano Camellini

IDI Members Representative

Cristobál Porzio

IDI Country Experts Representative

The IDI Advisory Board

Ercument Erdem

Advisory Board member

Beata Krakus

Advisory Board member

Burghard Piltz

Advisory Board member

John Pratt

Country Experts Representative

Olga Sztejnert-Roszak

Advisory Board member

The Team

Carlotta Mazzetti

Office & Operation Manager

Rita Ritossa

Management Accountant

Francesca Eandi

Office & Operation Manager