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INTERNATIONAL, 30 April 2020
The emergency caused by the COVID-19 epidemic is having a clear impact on the execution of ongoing domestic and international contracts.

NORWAY: Appeal Court decision on immediate termination, identification between franchisee and owner and how to prove a loss.

NORWAY, 15 July 2019
In a recent decision from the Appeal Court (Eidsivating lagmannsrett, LE-2018-63987), the court found that the franchisor had terminated the franchise agreement with immediate effect without sufficient cause. However, the franchisee was not entitled to damages as no losses were documented.

NORWAY: Franchisor right to evolve its brand and consumer offerings.

NORWAY, 12 March 2018
As in any well-crafted contract, the Franchise Agreement is designed to balance the needs of the franchisor to protect its concept and ensure consistency in how each of its licensees operates under the brand.

NORWAY: McDonald's Norway v. Carpe Diem AS and Sito AS.

NORWAY, 14 December 2017
Carpe Diem AS (Carpe Diem) and Sito AS (Sito) are two franchisees operating McDonald's restaurants in Norway. Franchisor is McDonald's Norway AS. Since 2010, the McDonald's-restaurants in Norway had sold hamburgers and cheeseburgers for 10 kroner (about 1 euro), which resulted in a loss for each hamburger/cheeseburger sold. The decision to set the recommended price to €1 was made by McCoop in...

NORWAY: Agreements for compensation on termination.

NORWAY, 16 October 2017
In Norway distributors have no automatic right of compensation when the (distribution) agreement is terminated.

NORWAY: Changes to the rules on non-competition, non-solicitation and non-recruitment clauses in employment agreements.

NORWAY, 14 September 2016
As of 1 st January 2016 Norway has implemented substantial changes to the rules regarding non-competition, non-solicitation and non-recruitment clauses in employment agreements. The new regulations can be found in the Working Environment Act ('WEA') chapter 14. Indirectly the new rules will limit the possibility to enforce restrictive covenants that are entered into on an 'entity level' in...

GERMANY: Compensatory claim of distributors doing business within the European Economic Area

GERMANY, 12 July 2016
Lately, the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) decided (BGH VII ZR 102/15) that any compensatory claim of a distributor doing business outside of Germany but within another Member State of the EU or the EEA cannot be excluded in advance as long as the distribution agreement is subject to German law.

EU: Refit evaluation European Commission of the Council Directive on the coordination of the laws of the Member States relating to self-employed commercial...

EU, 15 September 2015
In December 2012, the European Commission launched a regulatory fitness and performance programme (REFIT). The purpose of the programme is to identify opportunities to reduce regulatory costs and bureaucratic regulations, simplify regulations in order to meet policy goals, and achieve the benefits of EU regulation at the lowest possible cost.

NORWAY: Is distribution of software covered by agency law?

NORWAY, 15 July 2015
The classification of software has emerged as a difficult issue for software companies who employ agents to sell their products.