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Silvia BORTOLOTTI | ITALY | 21 December 2022


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The new IDI website was launched and documents have been also organized by subject.

You can now find three new sections:


Applicable Law & Jurisdiction


Under the Antitrust and Applicable Law & Jurisdiction sections, you will find the respective special reports on the subject, namely:

– the IDI Report on EU Antitrust Law, updated based on the new VBER 720/2022

– the IDI Report on Applicable Law and Jurisdiction, updated on 20 December 2022

EU Regulation 720/2022 and Guidelines are now available at the Antitrust section and contracts have been revised accordingly.

You can find new topics in the country reports: for example, are you interested in whether courts in other countries apply the abuse of economic dependence to the franchisee? You will find the answer to this and many other questions in our newly updated reports.

You can find new Country Experts for:

– Belgium

– Bulgaria

– China

– Greece

– India

– Netherlands


Our offices will be closed from December 24 to January 1st.

The IDI staff wishes you happy holidays and a very successful 2023!


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