SPAIN: Distribution contracts and modifications in the automotive sector.

Ignacio ALONSO | SPAIN | 2011-10-17

Ignacio ALONSO

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According to this Regulation, the Government will approve and will submit to the Spanish Parliament a Draft for an Act on Distribution Contracts.

Until the coming into force of this new Act, the provisions on Distribution Agreements for cars and industrial vehicles included in the Agency Act as amended by Act 2/2011 of March 4 (see our comments in the previous newsletter of April 18, 2011) will not be applicable and will not have legal effects.

Until the coming into force of the forthcoming Distribution Contracts Act, the Government will present to the principal associations in the automotive sector a good practices Code containing the creation of a committee for the following and resolution of eventual conflicts.

This Final Regulation has come into force in April 13th 2011.



Ignacio Alonso, agency & distribution Country Expert for Spain.





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