POLAND: Truck dealers in Poland are investigated by the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.



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The companies are supspected of sharing the market. Prohibited actions are indicated by evidence obtained among others during searches at business premises. It is not the first intervention connected with a possible collusion of truck dealers undertaken by the President of the UOKiK; there are other proceedings against five truck dealers already pending. UOKiK learned that the entrepreneurs had jointly agreed that each of them would sell DAF trucks in a specific area and they would not compete of clients in other parts of Poland. The dealers shared the Polish market in respect of their participation at the tenders for the cars supply. Information on prices might have also been exchanged. The Polish antimonopoly provisions provide a penalty of up to 10% of the entrepreneur’s turnover for participating in a restricted agreement and up to PLN 2 million (about EUR 0,5 million) for managers involved in violations. Due to the fact that the practices could have an impact on trade between EU countries, the President of the Office conducts proceedings against companies and managers both in relation to violation of Polish and EU regulations.


Olga Sztejnert-Roszak, IDI agency & distribution country expert for Poland

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