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Carlotta Mazzetti | | 2009-01-16

Carlotta Mazzetti

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Legislation Section:


Among the other new laws we added, we can mention:


OMAN: Royal Decree 3/2007 amending the Arbitration Law 47/1997, Jurisdiction (art. 35 et seq., art. 352 et seq.)

ESTONIA: Jurisdiction (art. 69 et seq., art 619 et seq. of the New Code of Civil Procedure), Arbitration (art. 712 et seq. of the New Code of Civil Procedure)

BELARUS: Agency (cap. 10 and 51 of Civil Code), Franchising (art. 910 of Civil Code)

BULGARIA: Applicable Law (art. 93 et seq. of the Private International Law Code), Jurisdiction (cap. 2 and cap. 12 of the Private International Law Code)

CHINA: New antitrust law

URUGUAY: New antitrust law, Act 14.625/1976 (franchising and distribution)

RUSSIAN FEDERATION: new civil code in force from 2003 regulated agency, distribution, franchising and applicable law

VIETNAM: jurisdiction (art 342 et seq. of the civil proceedings code)

MALAYSIA: agency (art. 135 et seq of Contracts Act of 1950), Jurisdiction ( Act 99/58), franchising (Law 590/98)

THAILAND: agency (Articles 797 et seq. Of the Civil and Commercial Code)

ALBANIA: Albanian Labour Code art. 16 and 18

JORDAN: Regulation of frasnchising

INDIA: Competition Act of 2002

QATAR: Civil and commercial code, art. 295 et seq., New Agency Law no. 8 of 2002

SINGAPORE: Competition Act

SUD AFRICA: Competition Act

UKRAINE: Competition Law

SWITZERLAND: Competition Law

LATVIA: Competition Law

SERBIA: Law on Arbitration, Law on competition

USA: Agency Law Wistconsin, Franchising Regulation, US Code: petroleum marketing practice Act, Automobile Dealers’ Day in Court Act

RUSSIA: Protection of Competition

LITHUANIA: Law on Competition

KOREA (Democratic Republic of): Franchising Regulations, Enforcement Decree of the fair franchise transaction Act


Country Report Section


IDI website features new countries:

Uruguay, Japan, Portugal, Serbia, India


IDI website provided to update the following country reports:


Argentina, Estonia, Belgium, Mexico, Uruguay, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Canada, U.S.A, Sweden, Finland, China, Austria.


International convention section


Brussels 2005: New Convention EC-DK Reg. 44 in force 1 July 2007

Lugano 2007: new draft text of the Convention on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters between the EC and certain EFTA Member States (Switzerland, Norway and Iceland).


National case law:


In the Reports section we have inserted some recent case law on distribution matters, selected by countries. Each case law is introduced by an abstract, drafted by the country expert responsible for the relevant country:


Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK.


New IDI Experts:


Hector FERREIRA (Uruguay), Souichirou KOZUKA (Japan), Yashuide WATANABE (Japan), Pedro DA COSTA MENDES (Portugal), Leslie THIELE (U.S.A), Amir Singh PASRICH (India), Jelena PEROVIC (Serbia).



Translations of the IDI agency/distribution short model balanced contracts into different national languages:

Slovenian, Polish, Lituanian, Estonian, Czeck, Dutch, Tiurkish, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Turkish.



IDI Editorial Board

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