LEBANON: Supreme Court decision on the applicability of Decree-law No. 34/1967 to exclusive commercial agency contracts.

Carlotta Mazzetti | LEBANON | 2007-02-20

Carlotta Mazzetti

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In the present case, the plaintiff was denying as a ground of avoidance the incompetence of the judicial courts, based on an arbitration clause.

The Supreme Court rejected the ground, deciding that the application of the Lebanese decree-law No 34 of 1965, as subsequently amended, related to exclusive agency agreements is mandatory for the protection of the (Lebanese) agents’ rights.

Therefore, the application of article 5 of the decree-law (retaining the competence of the Court of the place where the agent operates) cannot be derogated by an arbitration clause.



Fady Nammour, IDI Country Expert for Lebanon.



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