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Carlotta Mazzetti | | 2009-07-23

Carlotta Mazzetti

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In the Experts’ Section are now available the CVs of the following new country experts:


  • COLOMBIA (Ag and Distr): Gabriela Mancero
  • COLOMBIA (Franchising): Juan Carlos Uribe
  • CHINA (Co-expert for Franchising): Jun Kanda
  • GERMANY (Franchising): Marco Hero
  • LIBYA (Ag and Distr): Ingy Rasekh
  • PORTUGAL (Franchising): Claudia Cruz
  • SLOVENIA (Ag and Distr): Melita Trop
  • TURKEY (Franchising): Hikmet Koyuncuoglu
  • U.S.A. (Franchising): Carl Zwisler




New Country Reports can be consulted on the Reports Section of the IDI website:


    • COLOMBIA: Agency report, Franchising report
    • GERMANY: Franchising report
    • LIBYA: Agency report
    • PORTUGAL: Franchising report
    • SLOVENIA: Agency report and Distribution report
    • TURKEY: Franchising report
    • UKRAINE: Distribution report
    • U.S.A.: Franchising report




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