IDI seminar at the IBL (Tokyo).

Carlotta Mazzetti | | 2014-11-19

Carlotta Mazzetti

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The Japanese Institute of International Business Law, is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1962 with a membership of companies, associations and law firms in order to acquire various overseas materials for distribution to members and others, to know about changes in the world economy and to effectively settle the main legal problems arising from the business activities of Japanese enterprises in international business.

The event was organized by Souichirou Kozuka, IDI country expert for Japan.

The seminar focused on legal issues concerning the distribution of products and services in Europe and in Brazil through commercial agents, distributors and franchisees.

Attendies were Japanese companies interested in expanding their distribution networks abroad.

The speakers were:


Silvia Bortolotti (Secretary General IDI);

Marco Hero (Franchising Country Expert for Grmany);

Luciana Bassani (Franchising Country Expert for Brazil).



IDI Editorial Board

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