2012 IDI Annual Conference

New Challenges in International Distribution
Distribution contracts with Department Stores and Sales through Internet

VENICE | 18 – 19 May 2012

IDI held the 2012 IDI Annual Conference in Venice (Italy) on 18-19 May 2012.
You can find below the full program and the materials discussed

Contracts whereby a supplier is granted an area within a department store, shopping mall or other similar organisation Choice of the conceded space outfitting, relocation and duration/termination Employee and Staffing in Concessions and Corners. The Critical Issues Avoiding Legal Constraints: domestic rules on commercial lease contracts The legal qualification of the (re)sale by the department store of goods supplied on a consignment basis Presentation of a number of websites, showing the various possible approaches: Guccio Gucci website Internet Sales: how to regulate your distribution network Drafting license agreements for the use of the supplier's trademark on a website where his products are proposed for sale Department stores and their Internet website: how should suppliers react? The example of De Bijenkorf Question referred to the European Court by the Paris Court of Appeals Selective Distribution and third parties Internet Sales: after the Fabre Judgement: IPR owners vs Pure Players European antitrust and Internet Sales: the dealer network Termination of master franchise agreements Termination of master franchise agreements Goodwill Indemnity due to the Master Franchisee and/or to subfranchisees in case of Contractual Termination by the Master Franchisor Goodwill indemnity in Germany Goodwill indemnity in Germany Compensation to master franchisors upon termination and non-renewal of master franchise agreements in Brazil The relationship between the distributorship contract and the contracts of sale between supplier and distributor Which law should govern the contract of sale between suppliers and distributors? The CISG: Which law should be chosen for matters not covered by the CISG The Common European Sales Law: A useful tool for business or a useless additional set of rules? Jurisdictional problems regarding disputes arising in the context of contracts of sale. The recent case law of the EC Court of Justice on Article 5.1, Brussels I Regulation The notion of commercial agency and its borderlines Commercial agency and negotiation of contracts. The case of agents who promote business without negotiating. Can a commission contract replace a commercial agency contract? Discussion Panel on commercial agents and occasional intermediaries