European Commission Decision on the fuel distribution system in Spain.

Fabio Bortolotti | EU, SPAIN | 2006-10-16

Fabio Bortolotti

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The EC Commission carried out an extensive market investigation under Article 81 of the EC Treaty, regarding REPSOL’s supply contracts. As a result, the mentioned contracts were supposed to violate the European Rules on restrictive business practices.

REPSOL undertook a commitment to terminate the long-term supply contracts with its service stations, subject to compensation.

Following the REPSOL undertaking, the Commission acquited the pending proceedings concerning its exclusive supply agreements. However, should REPSOL break its commitments, the Commission would impose a fine of up to 10% of its total turnover, without even having to prove any violation of the EC competition rules.

The text of the decision of the European Commission above mentioned can be found in the database of the EC Judgements and Decisions (in the Eu Section of the IDI website).


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