NETHERLANDS: Dutch Court adopts Advocate General Wahl’s opinion regarding bans on sales through online platforms.

NETHERLANDS, 15 November 17
In a judgement of 4 October 2017 the Amsterdam District Court followed Advocate General Wahl’s opinion on the admissibility of limitations imposed by Nike European Operations Netherlands B.V. (“NEON”) on Nike selective distributors as to the use of online sales platforms.

SPAIN: Four interesting case law on agency and distribution contracts.

SPAIN, 15 November 17
Termination in agency contracts, goodwill indemnity applied to distribution and right of information.

Poland: New law on counteracting the use of unfair contract advantage when trading food and agricultural products.

POLAND, 15 November 17
The new law – Act on counteracting the use of unfair contract advantage when trading food and agricultural products dated 15 December 2016 came into force in Poland in July this year.

ITALY: Two recent Court decisions on selective distribution of vehicles.

ITALY, 16 October 17
The Court of Turin and the Court of Milan recently issued two interesting decisions in the field of selective distribution of vehicles.

SPAIN: Two judgements on goodwill compensation in agency agreements.

SPAIN, 16 October 17
Termination by the agent and the expiration term to claim.

NORWAY: Agreements for compensation on termination.

NORWAY, 16 October 17
In Norway distributors have no automatic right of compensation when the (distribution) agreement is terminated.

DENMARK: Kickback System in distribution agreements resulted in fine.

DENMARK, 14 September 17
On 6 April 2017, Olympus Danmark A/S ("Olympus Denmark") accepted to pay a fine of approx. EUR 500,000 for violation of the prohibition against anti-competitive agreements of the Danish Competition Act. Olympus had applied a so-called kickback system to determine the distributors' net purchase price, which could result in binding resale prices. The fine was fixed according to the new stricter...

SAUDI ARABIA: Draft Franchise law 2017.

SAUDI ARABIA, 14 September 17
To date, there have been no specific legal provisions concerning the contractual relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee in Saudi Arabia; the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment issued a model franchise agreement, the use of which, however, has not been mandatory.

SWEDEN: The Court of Appeal rejects analogous application of the Swedish Act on Commercial Agency for indemnity claim.

SWEDEN, 14 September 17
Distribution and Commercial Agency - Court of Appeal Case T 4469-16, April 6, 2017.