Year of birth


English, Italian, Portuguese
Professional qualifications
Law degree, Admitted to bar
Experience in the field of distribution
Selective Distribution, Distribution joint ventures, Distributorship Intermediaries, Distribution antitrust, Trademark issues, Sales network, Commercial agency
Litigation experience
Litigation before national courts as counsel and as in house counsel assisting external counsel.
Arbitration experience
International Arbitration as counsel, as arbitrator and as in house counsel assisting external counsel.
Experience as in-house counsel:
Distribution cases
  1. A German automotive manufacturer decided not to renew, after the elapse of the initial first five years term, a dealership agreement in force with a Kuwaiti distributor, due to poor performances and non-compliance to certain dealer’s obligations, mainly consisting in establishing a parts workshop and a showroom and hiring a certain number of qualified technicians and sellers to be employed in said premises.
  2. A Spanish bus manufacturer acted in P.R.China via an Hong Kong distributor, which was used to buy bus chassis to be thereafter assembled in mainland China, at Tianjin, under an agreement providing for Hong Kong jurisdiction and with payment obligations not properly secured, insofar assisted by dealer’s promissory notes only.
  3. The Spanish branch of an Italian automotive company had a long-standing relationship with three Spanish companies acting on exclusive basis as automotive dealers for its brand in different areas of Spain.
  4. French company producing marine engines attended a tender for the supply of motor patrol vessels to a Gulf country Navy, as possible supplier to different boat manufacturers, both European and of other countries.
  5. An Dutch company signed a dealership agreement with a Brazilian company appointing such company as exclusive distributor for its automotive products in Brazil.
  6. A Dutch distributor started an arbitration in Vienna under ICC rules against a French manufacturer of mechanical equipment for asserted malfunctioning of supplied products, breach of supply obligations and refusal to reimburse certain significant expenses for promotion and advertising.