Year of birth


English, French, Italian, Spanish
Professional qualifications
Law degree, Admitted to bar
Experience in the field of distribution
Commercial agency, Distributorship, Distribution network
Litigation experience
Litigation before national courts as counsel.
Arbitration experience
International Arbitration as arbitrator and as counsel.
Distribution cases
  1. In September *** a French company commenced an ICC arbitration against both their Spanish principal, a manufacturer of vending machines, and the principal’s French subsidiary.
  2. A French company had entered into an agency agreement with their Italian principal, a manufacturer of stylish lighting equipment. The contractual territory was France, DOM-TOM, and Monte Carlo.
  3. An Italian manufacturer of top-range kitchens distributed their products in the US through a dealers network.
  4. An Italian manufacturer of waste incinerators used to market their products in the Gulf area availing themselves of a middleman, a Saudi national engineer who lived in Italy but was spending a large part of the year visiting the Arab countries.
  5. Some years ago, a young Israeli businessman was asked by a major Italian home furniture producer to intensify their presence in Ukraine.
  6. In order to have their products effectively marketed in Argentina, a major Italian fashion apparel brand entered into negotiation with a local well-established businessman, who promised to gather other fellows and have a new company soon created in order to implement the project.
  7. An Italian manufacturer of wine equipment for oenological processing had a client in the Southern France, an area renowned for the excellence of its wines and liquors production.
  8. In April **** the relations between an Italian company producer of textiles, and their German agent came to the lowest point.
  9. An Italian manufacturer of jewelry and leather goods had been distributing their products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra through a Spanish company.
  10. An Italian manufacturer of industrial equipment for metal sheet processing (namely rolling, slitting, and punching machines) had a German agent, a company which often found more convenient to sell the smaller equipment under their own name and brand (in this case the Italians used to supply the agent company, which in turn re-sold them to their customers).
  11. An Italian manufacturer of sport equipment had given distribution rights to a Dutch company.