2019 IDI Annual Conference

Cernobbio - Lake Como (Italy) 14 to 15 Jun 2019

Increasing flexibility in distribution networks




Changing terms and conditions during the contract
Burghard Piltz
PANEL: Preparing for termination
John Pratt, Massimiliano Camellini, Jaap van Till
Damages in case of unlawful termination
Raimond Emde
The right to goodwill indemnity and its gradual extension to distributorship and franchising agreements
Olga Sztejnert-Roszak
Termination for cause: general strategy
Silvia Bortolotti
PANEL: A typical situation: earlier termination for non attainment of minimum turnover
Marco Hero, Sara Citterio, Faisal Daudpota
Other typical clauses: insolvency/bankruptcy; change of control
Larry Weinberg
PANEL: Competing perspectives of post-termination obligations in cross-border distribution and franchise agreements
Carl Zwisler, Adib A. Dib, Ron Gardner
1 WS - Different contracts used in this framework
Silvia Bortolotti
, 1 WS - Negotiation of concession contracts: the department store's perspective
Alessandro Guidobono Cavalchini, Barbara Vogel
1 WS - The brand's position in the commercial negotiation
Ignacio Alonso
1 WS - Issues related to the sale of products
Peter Gregersen, Stephen Sidkin
1 WS - Some typical negotiated issues: exclusivity and consideration
Giulia Comparini, Antonio Papalino
1 WS - PANEL: New ways for promoting sales within the DS and on-line
Jeffrey Brimer, Marta Freilino, Sergey Medvedev, Barbara Vogel
2 WS - Hardcore restrictions and restrictions by object
Ginevra Bruzzone
2 WS - Active and passive sales in exclusive distribution
Fabio Bortolotti, Stephan den Hartog
, 2 WS - Aggressive pricing practices between distributors of the same brand on the internet
Martine de Koning
2 WS - PANEL: The destiny of selective distribution after the Guess case and in view of the revision of the BER
Edward Miller, Rocio Belda de Mergelina, Emanuele Camandona, Sara Citterio
2 WS - The need for specific rules dealing with franchising agreements
Fabio Bortolotti, Didier Ferrier
2 WS - The application of Article 101 to agency agreements
Jaap van Till
3 WS - The data policy serving the business activity
Carlo Piltz
3 WS - Respecting GDPR: a commercial argument
Alejandro Padin Vidal
3 WS - Valuation of the data customer
Heidi Waem
3 WS - Cybersecurity and company reputation
Michael K. Lindsey
3 WS - Distribution network actors and personal data protection compliance: who is responsible?
Alexandra Mendoza-Caminade
3 WS - PANEL: Sanctions for non-compliance with the protection of personal data
Mariaelena Giorcelli, Michael K. Lindsey, Alexandra Mendoza-Caminade, Carlo Piltz, Felipe Toscano