2009 IDI Annual Conference

Barcelona (Spain) 12 to 13 Jun 2009

Critical issues in international distribution
Termination Indemnity to Distributors, «Illicit Commissions», Revision of EC competition rules

IDI held the 2009 IDI Annual Conference in Barcelona (Spain) on 12-13 June 2009.
You can find below the full program and the materials discussed


Indemnity for distributors - Reimbursement of investments (art 454 UGB)
G. Breiter
The indemnity of distributors in Swiss law after the judgement of 22 May 2008 of the Federal Supreme Court
A. Thouvenin
New Trends in Portuguese Case Law regarding the Distributor's Indemnity
J. Gutierres
Goodwill indemnity in distributorship contracts: recent trends
I. Alonso
International and domestic rules aiming at combating bribery, with particular reference to contracts with intermediaries
F. Vincke
Agreements with agents who might make an illicit use of the amounts received. What is the extent of the principal's responsibility?
P. Montoya
The consequences of bribery - Who has the standing to sue?
S. Spehl
The U.S. foreign corrupt practices act - implications for international distributors.
S. Thiele
Agency Agreements and Article 81 of the EC Treaty. New Developments After The Spanish Petrol Distribution Cases (PDF)
B. Arribas
Franchising and Internet. Is it appropirate to apply the same principles which have been established for selective distribution
A. Lombardt
Main issues in agency and distribution agreements in the MENA region
Distribution in Egypt: Legal Framework and Application
M. Ackad
Commercial Agency Law in Saudi Arabia
S. Jager
Agency, distributorship and franchising contracts in the United Arab Emirates
S. Kleiber
Regulation of franchise in Tunisia
S. Houerbi
Agency in Libya
The view of a european lawyer dealing with arab countries
P. Lombardi
Basics of International Franchising
M. Hero
Key elements of master franchise agreements
L. Peters
The issue of applicable law in international franchising
S. Bortolotti
How to co-ordinate legal services for an international franchise system
M. Clavell
Dispute resolution strategies in international franchising; arbitration or ordinary jurisdiction?
J. Baer