2017 IDI Annual Conference

Paris (France) 9 to 10 Jun 2017

Adapting distribution to a changing environment
Developing new E-commerce strategies
Establishing a direct relation with consumers


IDI held the 2017 IDI Annual Conference in Paris (France) on 9-10 June 2017.
You can find below the full program and the materials discussed.


New trends and opportunities for distribution in the Internet era
Fabio Bortolotti
The customer journey. From discovery to purchase and advocacy
Luca Pellegrini
Digital Guidelines for managing online sales selective distribution model
Lucia Argentesi, Beatrice Grifoni
A new development: "uberization" of distribution
Didier Ferrier
Developing an Omnichannel Strategy
Silvia Bortolotti, Massimiliano Camellini, Evelyn Verstraaten
Addressing consumer returns – contracts between online retailers and fulfilment houses
Stephen Sidkin
An essential aspect to cope with: logistics
Edward Miller
1 WS: Introduction
Fabio Bortolotti
1 WS: Can standard clauses in distribution contracts signed by the counterpart be considered as abusive?
Marcel Fontaine, Burghard Piltz
1 WS: Is it still possible to stipulate post-contractual non-competition clauses?
Ingrid Meeussen
1 WS: Is it still possible to stipulate post-contractual non-competition clauses?
Ginevra Bruzzone
1 WS: Converting distributors into commission agents (commissionaires)
Jaap van Till, Cyril Christiaans
1 WS: Avoiding overriding mandatory rules through a choice of law and choice of forum
Fabio Bortolotti, Raimond Emde, Frederic Fournier
2 WS: Online distribution in China: a better choice for approaching such a big market?
Claudio Ferraris
2 WS:Cross border distribution and coordination between offline and online sales
Roberto Luzi Crivellini
2 WS: Coping with antitrust rules
Lawrence Guo
2 WS: Adapting franchise systems to the Chinese market
Paul Jones
2 WS: PANEL: The experience of foreign companies distributing in China
Silvia Bortolotti, Angell Xi, Bjorn Etgen
3 WS: The need to constantly develop the know-how and business model
Guy Gras
3 WS: PANEL: Rebranding provided for in the franchise agreement
Mariaelena Giorcelli, Jenifer Alfaro, Pornchai Wisuttisak
3 WS: “The Franchise Rebranding Arbitration of the Century” (What are the main issues when implementing the rebranding?)
Pascal Hollander, John Pratt, Ron K Gardner
3 WS: Financing of rebranding costs
Beata Krakus