Paul A.
Year of birth


English, French
Professional qualifications
Law degree, Admitted to bar
Experience in the field of distribution
Commercial Agency, Franchising, Intermediaries, Distribution, Joint Ventures, Distributorship, Sales networks
Arbitration experience
International Arbitration as arbitrator.
Distribution cases
  1. A Korean company supplied flash memory products such as storage chips found in memory cards and electronic devices like digital cameras to a US company which then assembled and sold to its own customers products such as computer graphics cards, PC memory, Flash drives and Flash cards.
  2. After a long relation over four decades, the owner of the French corporate distributor of sophisticated equipments, including maintenance, for use by Government services (tax administration, post offices...) and banks, offered to the Swiss manufacturer to buy his shares as he was retiring from active professional life.
  3. A French pharmaceutical laboratory entered into a distributorship agreement for India and Nepal for various products it manufactured, in particular a new generation of anti-rabies vaccines.
  4. As foreign pharmaceutical laboratories could only enter the Bulgarian market to supply pharmacies, drugstores and other care institutions such as hospitals, through the intermediary of local wholesalers, a series of interconnected contracts (Consignment Stock agreement, Promotion Services agreement, Representative agreement before the Ministry of Health, Distributor agreement) were entered into between the registered Trade Representative Office ("TRP") of an English laboratory and a Bulgarian wholesaler.
  5. A Saudi Arabia dental institution entered into an agreement with an American company for the distribution of a revolutionary dental immediate load implant in a number of Arabic countries.