didier ferrier

Country Experts
Distribution, Franchising,
Professional details
University of Montpellier
Phone: +33-4-67721724
Year of birth
Phone: +33-4-67721724


IDI Functions
Vice President IDI and Country expert for FRANCE
Member of the Commission on Commercial Law and Practice of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Member of the French Academy of Commercial Sciences. Administrator of International Center of Intellectual Property
Doctor in law, University of Toulouse, (1973)
Professional qualifications
Accredited arbitrator, European College of Conflicts Resolution.
Current professional position
Professor of Civil and Commercial Law, University of Montpellier (France)
Accademic position
Professor of Civil and Commercial Law, University of Montpellier (France) Director of Research Master of Business Contracts
Previous position
Counsel of Fidal; Navy officer.
Practical experience
He always dealt (in the professional as well as in the academical activity) with distribution contracts (agency, distribution, franchising, etc.) and related problems. He has co-chaired several ICC task forces which have prepared model contracts in the field of distribution (agency, distribution, franchising, selective distribution).
French, English.
English, French
Professional qualifications
Law degree
Experience in the field of distribution
Commercial agency, distributorship, franchising, selective distribution.
Arbitration experience
Arbitration experience as arbitrator and as counsel.
Distribution cases
  1. A British « Agent » in charge of assistance for the conclusion of a « BOT » agreement in China claimed for payment of his commission after the conclusion of this agreement.
  2. A Moroccan Franchisee terminated the Franchising agreement and claimed for indemnification because the French Franchisor (i) sold directly through his website products in the territory granted to the Franchisee and (ii) modified four years after the conclusion of the Franchise agreement some elements of the business model particularly regarding the know-how.
  3. A German Selected Distributor claimed for indemnification because of the termination of the agreement while he still satisfied all the criteria requested to be selected.
  4. A Polish Reseller who was exclusively supplied in Poland by a German Supplier for five years accused the Supplier of having violated his territorial exclusivity by supplying another reseller in Poland.
  5. A Brazilian Reseller claimed for indemnification because of a brutal termination of the supply agreement with a French Supplier after fifteen years of relationship.